Handling of personal information

HOSHO Inc. (hereafter referred to as “the company”) may ask customers to disclose information required for business transactions and communication, such as their name, address, telephone number, and email address (hereafter referred to as “personal information”) when accessing the company’s homepage.
With regards to the information disclosed, the company will comply with all laws and ordinances related to personal information, as well as other related normative rules, and make every effort to protect customers’ valuable personal information.

Purposes of use for personal information

The company reserves the right to use customers’ personal information for the following purposes.
The company reserves the right to use this information to send products to customers and demand payment from them.
The company reserves the right to use information on the types and quantities of products ordered by customers, as well as the amount billed for these, in order to confirm the contents of their order and the delivery method.
The company may use historical logs on how its products and services have been used in order to provide information and guidance to customers on said products and services.
The company may use information like opinions provided by customers and the results of questionnaires in order to improve its services.
The company may use this information to respond to requests or inquiries from customers.

Management of personal information

The company will work to protect personal information by taking the appropriate measures, while also striving to reassess and revise these in an ongoing manner in order to ensure that customers’ personal information is handled in the appropriate manner. Such measures include setting in place internal regulations and internal management structures, offering education to employees, as well as preventing unauthorized access to personal information and the loss, destruction, falsification, or leakage of said information.

Provision to third parties

In some cases, the company may entrust its customers’ personal information with outsourcing subcontractors or its business partners in order to achieve the aforementioned purposes of use.
In such cases, it will take all necessary and appropriate steps to thoroughly ensure that said outsourcing subcontractors and business partners work to properly protect this personal information, such as by concluding agreements concerning its protection.
When there has been a request to disclose this information from a court, police agency, or other public agency pursuant to laws or ordinances, the company may provide this information to said public agency.

Disclosures of personal information

The company will not disclose personal information to a third party unless it has obtained the customer’s consent to do so.
If there has been a request from the customer to disclose their personal information, the company will only disclose this in cases where it is able to confirm the identity of the customer in question.

Identity verification methods

Customers are asked to send copies of forms of identification that can prove their identity (licenses, insurance cards, etc.) to the company.
The company will disclose the requested information as soon as it has been able to verify the contents of this and ascertain the identity of the person.

Acceptance of inquiries

Please use the inquiry form for inquiries on the company’s handling of personal information.


The company may revise this privacy policy in an effort to protect the personal information of its customers, or to comply with changes to laws, ordinances, or other normative rules. When such revisions have been made, notice of this will be provided over the homepage.

Traffic analysis tools

The company uses Google Analytics software to carry out traffic analysis (to analyze information on visitors to its website) via Google. This system uses a mechanism (Cookies) for gathering and accumulating information on the usage status of the communication lines targeted for this analysis.
This information on the usage status of communication lines is collected anonymously, and is not able to identify individuals. What is more, this function can be turned off, so please check the settings of the browser you are using. Click here for a detailed explanation.